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Brake Light / Signal / Tag Light Issue

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Hello all. My wife has a 2015 Forte LX Sedan. It was in a pretty rough accident on the rear drivers side last year (rear drivers side door, replaced quarter panel/door, rear light fixture was not affected by accident). We had the car fixed and I have noticed since that sometimes the rear signal on that side doesn't work, other times the brake light won't work and other times it will, and now the tag light on that side is out. The signal actually has been working well since I have stabilized the harness. Everything works perfectly fine on the passenger side. I'm inexperienced with wiring and I'm trying to get a feel of what might be going on here. The wires visually look fine. I had the bulbs checked (besides the tag light) and they're not burned out. Any ideas about what's going on?

Thank you in advance.
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Pinched wiring harness from the accident? Corroded terminals in the harness from water intrusion due to compromised protective coating, which might have been peeled off in the accident? Lots of question marks with this one, and it’s likely going to be a nightmare to diagnose.
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Yeah, those electrical gremlins will get you.

If you're up for the fun. You can remove the panels & follow the wire to check & verify the wires are not, twisted, frayed, broken, loose, pinched, pulled from pig tail harness/plug, insulation & wire exposed.

Also, check the ligh bulb socket & its metal prongs/contacts. Maybe simply the metal tangs just need to be pulled out more to make actual contact to the bulbs contacts.

If the bulb socket is brown, brittle, flaking, fragile & or broken pieces when handled, replace for now with LED's until you can order replacement bulb sockets.

Incandescent/glass bulbs get extremely hot & will cause the entire bulb socket to fail.

When you get a chance, check all the other bulb sockets for the above mentioned.

Hope this helps. Let us know what the cause & fix was.

Take pics as well.
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