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Brake line recall

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I’ve got a 2015 Forte whose brake line was recalled yet parts in Korea on a National back order so concerned. Mine r corroded and tech took pics.
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Would the brake/brake lines recall include 1st gen Kia Fortes?

Brake lines are in great condition. No rust but doesn't hurt to know paramount info helps.
4 months and counting for my 2016 Forte!! They have no idea when they will come in!! Kia is renting a new car for me - so they can wait as long as they want!!
That is unbelievable and great that they rented a car for you all. We are coming up on three months with nothing. We recently had our case escalated within Kia Consumer Affairs, and they promptly told us that the part would be reimbursed, but the labor would not. So we are having our car towed to a smaller shop that can do the repairs. We can't wait any longer unfortunately.

Here's our timeline.
December 15th ish - bring the car to dealership for recall, they say there is no problem and send us on our way.

January 5th - brake pedal to the floor. Luckily no accidents or injuries. Bring the car back to the dealership, they say it's a separate issue and we'd have to pay out of pocket. No loaner, no rental. Have to carpool opposite directions from home with my spouse adding an extra 2 hours to their day and 1.5 to mine (for three months now)

January 15th ish - start calling Kia Consumer Affairs for updates - they say that because of the recall and one month later the brakes fail, that we'd be able to get a good will replacement for the parts.

Started calling dealership and Kia once or twice a week for updates. Same thing every time, parts are backordered, no status.

February 24th ish - assigned a new case manager at KCA. Was told parts are DISCONTINUED. Can we use aftermarket? No. Can we order OEM from a third party? No. What to do? Sorry, you'll have to wait. OK, can we have a loaner? No - but you can pay out of pocket for a rental and maybe we will reimburse you - no thanks. We will reach out to the district parts manager (who apparently approves or denies the good will repair, and loaners/rentals). If no response from two emails, then we can escalate.

Weeks after previous call - several calls with no call back from our case manager.

March 2nd - order status expedited, new tracking number.

Several calls to KCA with no call back. Started calling the GM at the dealership.

March 13th - we will escalate your case, no response from district parts manager.

March 14th - we didn't actually escalate your case, we will do that now. Wait 7-10 business days for a call.

March 27th - call from escalation team. We did not approve your good will repair, everything will be out of pocket. We cannot provide alternate transportation. Oh, and instead of your part being ordered when the car was received at the dealership in early January, your part was ordered on February 24th, meaning instead of being 3 months into the order queue for the backordered parts, we are only one month in.

March 28th - we re-reviewed your case and we can pay for the part, but not the labor.

So we are going to have the car towed and repaired. Next week we need 2 vehicles. Seeing some people wait so long is infuriating knowing the same would probably happen to us, and after all of this, the entire expense won't be covered by Kia. Wondering if I should lawyer up at this point. At the very least I'll be in touch with the state AG, consumer protection board, the NHTSA...

Good luck to everyone else dealing with this.
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I have a 2015 Kia Forte and still no reply from KIA on when the brake line will come in... at this point I might as well get a new car...smh
I believe that's what KIA wants people to do. Did anyone say scam?
I just had my brakes fail on 2014 Kia Forte going 60mph last Friday here in Wisconsin. My wife had originally called the local Kia dealership in August when we received the “voluntary service campaign” letter in regards to brake line corrosion. The dealership informed her that they were awaiting parts for the issue and would let us know when they arrived. (We never received a call back) Fast forward 6 months and I had to downshift and pull the e brake to come to a stop when the brake light came on and the pedal went fully to the floor. Luckily I was able to limp it home. I inspected all the caliper pistols and found no leaks, filled the master cylinder back up and by morning my garage floor was definitely showing where the brake lines had failed….. right above that wonderful plastic shroud. We’ll see what the dealership comes back with later in the week when the vehicle is towed there for inspection on Kia’s dime.
Just received a call today from my local Kia dealer with news that our Forte is fixed and ready for pickup. Just a little over a 1.5 month wait for parts, which according to the dealership, are stainless steel lines coated with an underbody rubberized layer.
How did you convince them to provide a rental car? When I spoke with them, they told me that they could reimburse a rental for $40 per day. Didn't mention how long that was good for. I'm not comfortable paying out of pocket knowing there's a chance they deny the reimbursement.
I had just requested that Kia provide a loaner as we were told to wait for parts when we first called last summer of 2023 when the brake lines weren’t fully corroded through.
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