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Brake sticking!

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My wife took her Forte this morning and the ABS Traction Control Light would not come off her passenger rear brake is engaged for some reason. Ive tried taking leads off the battery and re attaching ( no luck ).
Of course this happens now that a deep freeze is starting again. Is there a fuse I can take out that controls the Abs or Traction Control, the fuse instructions dont specify any.
Brake fluid is all toped up, Ive tried banging a bit on the back brakes but nothings happening, frustrating because we cant even get the car out of the driveway.
I dont really think the brake could have froze as we havent seen plus temps in quite a while ( Northern BC ).


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Not really recommended if it's freezing cold, but try pouring hot water on the rotors.

Then, turn the engine on, but turn off the traction control off. Move the car forward and backward. Even with the brakes on, you can force the car to move a bit if only one of the rear rotor is engaged. The water will freeze solid quick so you may want to pour hot water frequently.
I should have added that the ABS and Traction Control light will not come off the dash. Pressing on the button does nothing. I would like to some how disengage the Abs and Traction Control somehow. I guess the rear drum could be frozen but I doubt it.
ok just yesterday I had them re align *in the rear* my koup.. soon as I started my car both traction control and abs light was on.. come too find out one of the sensors was unpluged on the back rear wheel..
maybe your's came unpluged somehow or has a short?..

Once we pluged it back in the lights went off automaticaly which is nice cause that means the computer does not need to have a talking too about it :)

Ps. my car drove fine thou..
maybe your e brake if froze on the one side? Idk thats kind of werid
Call kia roadside assistance for a tow to the dealership :)
It's frozen.... can you drive it to a manual car war wash and spray it down with hot water. Let it dry and try it then. If it's still stuck take it to the dealer.
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