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Brake Upgrade Question

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The 2011 Kia Optima can be optioned with 12.6 inch brakes. I'm almost certain that larger wheels will be needed, but that being said, will they fit on an EX Koup?
I sent Kia U.S. an email and they called me back saying that it is not recommended because there can be "unforeseen occurrences". I just want to get the general census.
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You can put SX (11.8") brake as they are bigger than EX (11") !!??
I think they will fit,i have ask shark racing if they can have them.
Dont mean to jack the tread or anything, but I was wondering if those wont fit are there any big brake upgrades for any of the koups? I want to get new pads but I was thinking if getting new brakes with the pads.
I'm mad that brembo makes kits for honda but nothing for kia yet I've looked a few times now :(

@ pandanoff, the biggest problem you might be faced with is the caliper brackets not being in the correct spot since the rotor is a few inches bigger this could cause a problem on going back together. So you'd have to buy both the cailper and the rotor just to clear that up.
Kind of hopefull they do work thou that would be nice;)

Might take some work thou
Lol.. almost but not quite
a5ylum5150 theres are nice for the front brake, but what would you do for the back.
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