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Brand new Koup and Royal Purple

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I will buy my 2011 Koup EX in a few weeks. I would like to change to Royal Purple oil the day after delivery with a new Kia filter.
Good idea or get some miles on it first?
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Other than making Royal Purple wealthier, there is no benefit to your idea. You are better off purchasing better tires.
Use any other oil EXCEPT Royal Purp. It is made for rebuilt engines, cause it provides next to nothing in protection. It even advertise's that engine rebuilders prefer Royal Purp. Yes, it helps with increasing hp, but you'll be seeing your dealership for a new engine very soon.

I'm suprised they even put that stuff on the shelf. It killed my transmission and caused premature wear on my engine.
I would probably wait before switching to full synthetic.

Also I would probably go with Amsoil if you were go go with any synthetic.
I have used Shell Rotella Oil for years in my cars and so have many of my tuner who have a 1200awhp 3000gt.
Get it super cheap at walmart too!
Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Get it!
I'd say run the car for a 1000 km before changing to a different oil. Chances are the wear metal content added to the circ. engine lil during that first 1000 km will be higher than average, so if you MUST change engine oil.....maybe then would be your best idea.

I've used Royal Purple for years in other cars with no issues (along with other brands too). Honestly....use whatever floats your boat I guess (actually, I'm using Castrol Syntec Blend in my Koup).

And don't fall for manufacturer hype.

Make a spin on the BITOG forums as well....lots of info there on oil choices and change intervals for new cars.
Being a former member of BITOG and several other car forums, I'll share that Royal Purple did not perform as well in used-oil-analyses as Pennzoil Platinum and Mobil1. High wear metals in a lot of cases, in engines that had long-since broken in.

There are better options out there.
Definately let your eangine break in first since that will leave shaving and such in the oil and after 1k km or 1.5k km change to a synthetic so you won't have metal bits floating around in your synth oil. I use Amsoil.
royal purple shows its benefits more in pushrod applications because of the super high zinc content. you're better off going with castrol edge titanium, shell platinum, or mobil 1 for the money. Royal purple shouldn't have any adverse effects on your engine though, trannys going bad "because of royal purple" were probably trannys that were shit anyways and would've went bad regardless, or were over worked.
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