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Brand new (used) black Forte EX owner!

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So I've been lurking here for the past month researching and reading up on the Forte. It wasn't until yesterday that I made a plunge on a spankin' good deal. 6,800 miles for an EX at $12.5k. Apparently she came from Vegas as a rental car but was purchased by the dealership here. As far as I can tell, nothing is wrong with her other than the windows aren't tinted. But I'm taking care of that today. ;)

Eventually I'd like to do a few mods, ie changing to the k emblem, possibly HID's and all that good stuff. Anyways, I look forward to get to you know you guys!

Ninja edit:
Also quick question: I noticed while driving home that there's a little green "ECO" that pops up on my dash. Does this mean the car came with the economy package, or is this something standard?
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The ECO light is there just to inform you when you are driving in a more gas saving way, my car you can turn it off and on.

Congrats to your new "love".
ahahahah - the ECO light is the non-existant light on my dash that the salesman kept pointing out to me.
welcome and congratulations on your new ride.
LOL, yeah my salesman did that to me too. Unfortunately I am too busy shifting and paying attention to the road to ever really notice it come on.
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