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Break In...

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I was up at the dealership here yesterday and I was talking to one of the Techs there. I asked him about the break in process for the Koup and how long that is. He told me the cars were pre-broken in the factory before they got them on the lot. Does anyone know if this is true? :confused:
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I'd asume all motors no matter who built them chevy dodge kia etc..
just makes sence why would they put a motor in a car they've not atleast put on a stand to see if its working

Of course I can't say one way or the other lol

And my father was A.S.E ( degree for auto repairs etc) just in case some don't know
anyway he built lots of motors in his time,
and he always always told me a couple things I'll pass on here.

I might mention some of my fathers advice is also in kia's manual.

Never Run a new motor at a constant rpm for long periods of time. (this is also in the kia manual)

Don't rev the motor too hard, and don't redline it for atleast the firt 2 to 3,000 miles.

the reasons are everythings brand new, valves still need time to seat and everything just needs time to work itself in..
also I don't agree with kia saying you should let your first oil change go so long (and my dad would not either)
since there is going to be lots of tiny metal shavings even thou you can't see them trust me there there.. and you don't want to leave that stuff in your motor if you can help it.

P.S some people will argue whats better for a motor Ie be hard to help seat valves etc.. or be easy for a while
I've had much better luck with take it a bit easy giving motor time to heat up cool down repeat

But its your motor, your car so do what you think is best

ok my long rant is over now sorry Lol
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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