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Break In...

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I was up at the dealership here yesterday and I was talking to one of the Techs there. I asked him about the break in process for the Koup and how long that is. He told me the cars were pre-broken in the factory before they got them on the lot. Does anyone know if this is true? :confused:
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I doubt very much that the manufacturer has the time to break in each vehicle they create before shipping them.
testing a motor and breaking in a motor are totally different things. I am sure they do a test run on the motor to ensure it operates properly, I just doubt they have the time to put it through a break-in under torque since you can't break-in a motor just idling it.
im sure you could it would just take forever haha
In the owner's manual, idling is not recommended for over 3 or 5 minutes, can't remember the exact time they state. Breaking in an engine with just idling it for a couple weeks would probably make it fragile, hit the accelerator hard and it falls apart. :eek:
Brand new 07 Mustang GT off the lot with less than 500 miles on the odo, I took it straight to the quarter mile and proceeded to run it about 20 times down the straights. That was dumping the clutch at 6,000 RPM on every launch, shifting at redline every gear. The engine is in perfect condition, and actually posted dyno numbers higher than the normal motor.

Myths aren't good, but if you guys want to believe a silly myth like that go ahead.
What myth are you talking about by quoting my message? I am stating that I don't think they "break-in" an engine at the factory but more than likely run a test on it before shipping out.

I have read an article on the net that someone had posted here awhile ago on breaking in an engine that is used for sport driving by pushing it hard right off the lot in order for the engine to adapt to the use it will be constantly subjected to. I'm not taking mine to the track often or racing it a lot just a heavy foot at lights and thats the way I drove it when I bought it. Runs fine and nearly at 10k km's after 9 months.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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