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Hey so I recently purchased a 2012 kia forte (some of you may have seen the post), long story short the previous owner removed the check engine light bulb to hide the fact that he swapped a 2.0 into a car that is supposed to be a 2.4. After some lawyers got involved he gave me a junkyard 2.4 to put in the car. I've decided I want to build this engine while it's out before it gets dropped into the car, and down the road turbo it (in approx. 2 years). I'm sending the block and head to the machine shop shortly to get resurfaced (if needed, I haven't measured any warpage yet) and at a minimum hot tanked. Now to my questions, for those of you that have slapped a turbo on stock internals, how much can the stock crank, pistons, and rods take before any damage is done? I'd like to get the block bored and have some forged pistons/rods installed while the engine is out but if the crank can't handle much boost it be pointless and a waste of money. I'm not looking to make this thing a race car, I'd just like it to be sportier (lets face it, who doesn't like that blow off sound?). The valve seals and all gaskets are enroute with an ETA of 3 days, I've waited to order the forged internals until I get some feedback from some of y'all that have boosted the stock engine.

I talked to one of the highly recommended machine shops locally and for them to hot tank/resurface the head and block, bore over for oversized pistons, and check all the oil clearances/ring gap would be in the ball park of 600$. I'd be doing the valve job myself being that it's easy to do and I have the tools for that already. I'm hoping to hear good news on how much the crank can handle so I can pull the trigger on these forged internals. 馃

Any tips/tricks y'all have learned would be appreciated.

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I鈥檓 only seeing listings for 2.0 pistons on your website, and in building a 2.4. Do y鈥檃ll not stock 2.4 forged pistons?
They are customer for our engine build package, we do not sell them separately. There is nothing off the shelf for the 2.4L, our built block is completely custom.
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