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sorry to hear you're having problems with them. I could write up an equally long complaint about my BS that I went through with them. I won't go into any details, but what you mentioned about them repeating the same line rang a bell with my experience. They just stuck with their policy (even though, in my case, they verbally told me stuff AGAINST the policy). They tried to "make it up to me", but they didn't properly compensate for their B.S'ing. I went as far as the Better Business Bureau to drag their name through the mud. I should've done some research on their BBB rating. At that time, their rating was a D.(BRUTAL) Anyways, I'm sure you've learned your lesson - the hard way at that. But better to broadcast your troubles on here so others don't put themselves in the line of fire with these retards. Hope you get your spoiler soon buddy.
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