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Yeah carID is SHITTAY! I tell everyone that asks me about my spoiler to STAY AWAY!!!! Fucking hate them! -sorry for the language i just have to speak my mind on this- They get their spoilers from Dallas Automotive Restyling actually. I should have gone through them instead.

My problem with CarID... is that they said they would get me racing red. I asked 15 TIMES if they can assure me tht it would be racing red, and the salesman said yes yes yes. So.... low and behold, two weeks later... i get SPICY RED!! FFFFFF. AND THEY NEVER REFUNDED MY MONEY!!! SO I PAID 85 FOR CARID TO PAINT IT AND 80 FOR A LOCAL PAINTER TO PAINT IT! Such a shittay way to spend the day before my birthday.. Fudge... I will never buy from them again. If you want to buy something... buy it from the source! Dallas Automotive!! or ebay if that is easier!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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