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First of my name is Trey Phillis and I am from Kansas.

When i first saw this car I fell in love, and by the grace of God, saturday i'll own it! it's soooooo clean! This is my first actual big car purchase. All my other cars in life have been OLD used beat up cars, so i am excited to have a car where everything works on it and runs! =P I guess I could clarify I am picking up a white 2010 Kia Forte EX. I love the koup looks but it's not as practical as I would like it to be. The reason I am even buying a new car is because I need something reliable and practical. So the 4 doors is the main reason. However it looks like the sedan has much potential to be just as good looking as the koup. I'll be searching the forums but if anyone has some quick links to changing the sedan styling to the koup styling (front and rear bumpers... tail lights even though they look a little different.. etc) that would save me some searching.

Anyway I look forward to searching through the forums and see what goodies are waiting for me to find =D
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