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BY Chance does anybody want to get rid of their stock SX Koup wheels?

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Hey guys since I had some nice guy/or bad machine at my local carwash put a nasty mark on my wheel I've decided to use it as a spare wheel.. of course I need to find atleast one other one.. if you have a set that your willing to part with send me a message.

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I'm not really enamored of the SX snowflake style rims, so at some point in time I'll be looking to replace them with either chrome 5 spoke star type [think Ferrari style] rims or Centerline racing style [similar to what NASCAR vehicles use]
oh cool.. well let me know when you decide to do that I might buy you old ones.. just send me a message on my profile thanks
You can buy stock rims for I think 175 per wheel if you're only wanting 1.
thxs 4 that info.. one would do what I needed then I can use my banged up one for a spare since its only a visual flaw.
I was just of course hopeful I could find one cheap if somebody was not planing on keeping them and buy the whole set as a help you and me kinda thing.
I don't know how banged up your wheel is.
If it is just one of the silver triangles you can order one from the dealer for $20.
where can you get the sx wheels?
where can you get the sx wheels?
There's a member here that sell them for around 175$ each.... search in SX wheel treads!
Otherwise try your favorite "st"ealers...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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