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Caliper color+ Other aesthetic suggestions?

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Hey Guys, so here's a pic of my kia as it is now (plus tinted windows). Was planning on getting some caliper covers this summer and was wondering what color would look best. Right now I'm torn between black or red, opinions?

Was also thinking of putting carbon fiber skin over the door handles to get rid of the chrome. Any other aesthetics you guys think would make this car look bad ass?

Also going to be getting a turbokit cai and strut bar this summer hopefully. Big plans for this baby!

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I'd do red, black would look washed out behind those wheels, nice Koup by the way
Definitely red on the caliper covers.
ok great. The only reason I was thinking black was to continue to try and murder it out, but red it is then.
I'd go with yellow .. but thats just me. (I have red and i'm going with orange soon)
I did my calipers red and removed the SX wheel inserts and I think it looks bad a$$ against the black wheels (similar to your balcks), so I'd go red. Also, a suggestion is to replace your stock antenna with a shark fin. I just did mine this past weekend and I LOVE how it looks. Nice ride though:)
Nice koup man! I'd say 100% red! Red calipers look awesome and especially on your nice black koup. But I would say maybe take the "koup" emblem and black it out except for the "|" in the K. That looks awesome and I know a few people have done that. Rides looking sweet!
red for sure it'll stick out with from the rims better
Red calipers
Tint tail lights
Red interior accents
Lowering Springs
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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