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Can't find an SX koup

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I've had it with the Sentra I bought a few years ago, it's been nothing but trouble and I want to trade it in and get rid of it (first time I've not kept a car until it was paid off).

I had never even considered a Kia but I saw the SX Koup for the first time yesterday and my jaw dropped to the floor. I want one. I still can't believe it's a Kia.

Problem is. No one seems to have any. Due to my height, I need an SX Koup without a sunroof (headroom issue). I've found a few SX's with sunroofs, (but not that many), but I haven't found a single SX without a sunroof (I live in South Jersey)?

Is there some reason they are so hard to find? They are gorgeous cards (really gorgeous) but I haven't really seen many on the road, so I'm puzzled as to why they aren't many available for sale.
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Sorry to have to tell you...there are no sunroof-less Koup SXs in the states!

I too wanted an SX without the sunroof for the same reason as you and my dealer tried hard to order one (this was before they were even for sale in the US) -- found they could only order the Koup SXs with the sunroof. Maybe the '11 models will be different...Good Luck.
hey man if you want a sx there are a bunch of them in pa in allentown each dealorship has prob 5 all diff colors i know of at least 3 dealorships try browndaubkia or keystone kia they will def have
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