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Car Shuts off

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Please help ! I have a 2017 Kia Forte ! It just started shutting off when come to a stop (coasting) or put my car in reverse , each time no light are on ( no check engine) and it starts right up with no problems !? Car runs great and has no problems other wise! Any suggestions?? Thank you ....
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Diagnosing your car through this computer is close to impossible...
Typical things to check:
Dirty throttle body
Dirty air filter
Fouled fuel injector(s)
Bad MAP sensor
I'd still recommend you get the OBDII checked for codes or pending codes. The Check Engine Light might not be coming on because the car shuts off before the parameters to turn the light on aren't met - may be a pending code stored to tell you what the problem is.

Take it to the service department.

Good Luck!
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I believe he unplugged the sensor to cause the CEL to light - so that the ECU went to default values - and then plugged the sensor back in.

NOT a permanent solution - but worth a try to diagnose.
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