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Car Shuts off

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Please help ! I have a 2017 Kia Forte ! It just started shutting off when come to a stop (coasting) or put my car in reverse , each time no light are on ( no check engine) and it starts right up with no problems !? Car runs great and has no problems other wise! Any suggestions?? Thank you ....
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Look, I had this same exact problem 2015 Kia Forte. Just unplug this solenoid/sensor from behind the valve cover. Took a long time to find this out for me. It will make your check engine light come on and put your timing into default mode. I can give more information if you're curious. You do not have to take the cover off, it is just something to unplug right behind the valve cover. Looking at the valve cover, it is behind it on the left side. A simple little plug like a sensor. It took a lot of time and trying to fix random things. Not one single feed had the answer for me. We had to find this with an expert Mechanic in person.
Passenger side behind the valve cover? VVT solenoid?
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