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Personally i think there are a lot of options out there...... you could spend a ton of money on "high quality" waxes like Mothers or Meguiars with their multi-part systems, by the time you get to all of them, you'll have spent $200+

Then, there is the "chemical" options that the dealerships use. They give a high-quality shine, but left a greasy residue after your car gets dirty. These are also rumored to clog up and not allow the paint to breathe properly.

I was once told that with a clear coat finish, you do NOT need ANY wax or other car products. You just need to wash your car regularly, and your clear coat will be fine.

My recommendation: use what the factory recommended: your clear-coat finish. Don't bother with scams offered by Mothers, Meguiars, Zymol, chemicals, or anything else....... just wash your car with normal, non-chemical, car-wash safe, soap on a regular basis.

My $0.02
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