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CCM 9 Austin

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Dallas/Austin Meet C&C, RKC, CCM

Here comes another meet and this will be 3 in one day.

We also have Cars and Coffee meet, again on the same day! from 8 to 12! and its free.

This goes from 12 to 3 and is a free show as well.

This goes from 3 to 9 and its a 10 dollars admision but everything goes to a charity.

List of attendees

Erick A

I will update the list with the few more im missing, as well as changing their names to their aka.

These pretty much explain it all, as far as location and time.

My plan is do everything on the same day, Austin is not tha far from Dallas so why spend more money there, if 9 its too late for everyone we can always leave earlier. I'm also talking with couple Hyundais to be as a group.

If you have any more questions, let me know.
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I know there are about 4 forte/koup in san antonio/austin, are you guys not interested?

I have text aidensgrand, but he had an accident before so he doesn't show the car for the same reason but he will try to be there just to hang out, after all this is just a meet, not a car show anyway.
Yea not any awards its just a benefit meet pretty much. I hope we can get more people out its going to be huge.
Bump for new info and more information.
hopefully i'm making the drive up there to austin. My sis will prob tag along too. :) See you there erickkk!
i might see if i can make it... depends on work and sleeping arrangments lol. but i have a few friends in the austin/sa area so we shall see =)
Great I would love to see you guys again!! Everyone on just 1 spot, its gonna be amazing!!
I am getting a hotel room and staying till sunday. Its going to be a lot of fun!
Ill try to make it. Depends on work
I will try to attend the two DFW meets that day, just don't know what my work schedule will be for sure yet.
Awesome! see ya there Paul

I have reply ur PM duncanville, see ya there!
CCM9 is at the travis expo center. its in austin
ok sweet. oh and fas, idk if i gave you the wrong address but i never got the stickers :) just lettin yeh know
yeah, its more like east of downtown.

gonna be a great weekend, lots of cars will be showing up :)
ok sweet. oh and fas, idk if i gave you the wrong address but i never got the stickers :) just lettin yeh know
I kno. I've been too busy. I'll make sure to get them and give 'em to you at CCM.
I'm now in a search for a meeting point in Austin, so we can all arrive together at CCM, any suggestions??
I dunnnoooo. Lol ask my sis!
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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