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Center mounted brake light bulb replacement

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I'm switching LED's for the stock ones and I'm unsure of how the center mounted brake light (accessible through the trunk) bulb assembly comes out. Can anyone offer me some help? THX!
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I am not sure myself as I disconnected that brake light, as spoiler has third light. I will see what I can did up for you in the mean time. I can find every light except the HMSL (High mounted stop lamp) on the KGIS site.
cool, thanks man. appreciate it! cheers!
I just did this.. There's the black cable clipped into a grey plastic bulb holder... I unclipped the wire by pressing in on the tab, then twisted the grey plastic holder... I think it was clockwise (not 100% sure).. Then it should pop out. The first time it took a bit of force.

I actually put in a 5-SMD T10 bulb, but it wasn't bright enough... I thought it might be a bit dangerous so I put the stock one back in. I might order a 9 or possibly 13-SMD bulb next.

Hope this helps.
thx Linear, I'll give it a shot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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