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Cerato/Forte double Din Head Unit

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Greetings all from land down under,
Thought you maybe interested to view the double din unit i just installed in my Cerato/Forte 5dr.
With regard to install,removed a/c vents,which i found was somewhat difficult then removed screws that fix radio to dash,prised fascia panel off by beginning at the bottom,and working my way up each side,used a flat bladed device like a cake icing blade,sharpened at the end,seem to do the job,obviously used masking tape to any surface which may be subject to scratching.
Dismantled radio and hazard switch also aircon switch unit from factory fascia,removed factory radio holding brackets then fitted them on new unit,lucky for me it fitted without alteration.
Plugged new head unit into existing connections and it worked,have lost steering wheel access,don't have the device which overcomes this unfortunately.
Attached a/c unit on aftermarket fascia,found hazard switch does'nt fit on it,therefore had to modify and glue it on, fitted ok.
Changed roof top antennae as this unit has DAB+,which is Digital Audio Broadcasting,just recently introduced into Australia,so consequently requires a different antennae to be able to receive it.bought a combined AM/FM and DAB Antennae made by Blaupunkt from the UK, superb reception from it.
GPS antennae was placed under the dash clock housing,receives fine.
The head unit was just recently released into the Australian market also,brand name is ORION AVR6.1,you can google this to get specs.


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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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