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yesterday Ive been to the dealer to chaange my transmission fluid and since the car run like shit its dont want to shift in 1-2-3 for the first minutes at cold ...they told me its normal NORMALLLLLLLLLLLL :mad:

so I decided to check my engine level at home and WTF check that ! I can't beleave it , its the last time Im going to the dealer for a service other than warranty check up etc... :mad:

offcourse I call them about my oil level and they told me its NORMAL for a kia to loose some oil BULLSHIT!!

I was hungry so I decided to flush the engine oil and doing it myself and replace it with some mobil1 syntetic oil and now im happy with it that's it !! !!

and for the canadian in QC that live close to the south shore DON'T GO to Longueuil kia on rollan-therrian !

Wow your changing your tranny fluid already!!???? isn't that suppose to be later on when u have enough miles on it!!???
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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