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2021 Forte GT w/GT2, Currant Red, Wagner-Tuning Intercooler, Evilla Exhaust, Takeda S1 Intake
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I leaved the car all the night before checking it and this happend to me :rolleyes:

im a mechanic by the way so I know how to make an oil change correcly the guy at kia longueuil checkd the level right after the test drive so the oil didnt have the time to go down .. they suck

en plus ont est toujours pris pour des imbécile qui connaisent rien calis les vieux mecanos devrai decalissé si sa leur tentent pas dfaire la job comme du monde sti !! ils sont partout dans tous les garages pis c'est toujours a recommencer siboir ... kia brossard sont pareille aussi !
To properly check the tranny fluid it has to be at operating temperature. You said you waited overnight -- did you check your fluid level after driving the car for at least 15 minutes or did you check it cold right after starting it?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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