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Cherry Bomb Glasspack?

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Has anyone replaced their muffler with a Glasspack? I can only imagine it would sound vicious!
Doesn't have to be Cherry Bomb, just any glasspack in general...
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P.P.S it's only illegal if you get caught! ;)
It is illegal all the time only you don't get in trouble unless caught or wreck the car.
Practically any mod could be considers ricer which is BS. If this was the Chevy Cobalt or Cruze since it is American the same mods wouldn't be called ricer. They are very similar cars.

As far as glass packs I say if you like the sound you are the one to enjoy it not someone calling it ricer. If possible get an idea of the sound which can vary from car to car then buy what you prefer.
Hating on what? The fact that my car doesn't sound like a riced out civic? This wasn't a personal stab, she took it to heart probably because I'm not the first person to say she drives a ricer. Contrary to popular belief, you can have an American ricer. Any car that has useless mods that look or sound tacky is considered a rice mobile
So this could apply to any car such as an old muscle car that has mods that someone considers tacky would be ricer? What about heavily modded van from the old days would that be ricer? Using the logic as you stated it any mod could be considered useless making all mods ricer.:confused:
SX Koup TYPE M, What is the Type M and what options does it have? I don't see it listed on the Kia site.
How to you even bring up classic American muscle? We're talking about sport compact here. That's number 1, number 2, any fool that puts a tacky mod on a piece of American history should be dragged into the street and shot. No one does that, so you trying to prove a point is useless actually.

As for your second post. Type M is the name of the project car. "M" standing for Malloy, as in Malloy tuners. The shop that's doing the work to the car. This car isn't a daily driver. It's only going to be on the road for a few months then it's strictly a trailer queen. Anything else or do you still want make a useless attempt to vouch for the rice rocket?
So to me you should be drug out and shot for being a complete moron.

It sounds to me like the Type M is a nickname for RICER.
How can you call anyone a moron with you're awesome English skills? To correct you again, you should have typed "so to me you should be DRAGGED out and shot..."

Thanks for the name calling though, real mature. ;)
You are just an ASSHOLE who thinks you are prefect when you know nothing.
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