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AHHHHH Armor all.

Pure Mink oil is best for leather! And....

The problem with products like armor all is that they contain silicone and isopropanol. Over time when the sun beats down on your silicone covered dash or top it begins to dry. The effects of the chemical breakdown in silicone increase drying out of the vinyl it is believed to protect. (isopropanol is alcohol which will also dry out leather and vinyl and can remove dye)

The effects of the exposure to sunlight/heat on dried out vinyl and plastics of a silicone treated surface will increase the chance of cracking and failure.

I see many dashes and seats treated with AA that have cracked and failed compared to many I have tested that never saw any protectant.

If you want to extend the life of your dash and door panels, just keep them clean with mild soapy water.
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