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Aloha All,
I thought about a clear bra also and decided to let the pros install it for me. So far I've had it for almost a year now (my! time fly's when your having fun) and I must say it's money well spent. To me it comes in handy when your on the free way and it's almost impossible to dodge those small flying stones. You know, the ones that make you say "how did I get that" then "oh yea" I thought I heard something while on the freeway. Even when your following three seconds behind anyone and a stone comes wizzing by. The clear bra will cover only half of the hood, all the bumper (front) less head lights and fog lights, and only the front portion of your front fenders. It's thick and UV protected so your paint is safe from the harmful sun. The small dimples that the small rocks left behind will vanish in a day or two. That's better than a paint chip and seeing only gray primer when there once was paint there.
On the down side, when your waxing or polishing. You will need to tape off the area otherwise the residue will start to show once the polish dries. But all in all I say it's money well spent. I know I would have a lot more chipped paint with out a clear bra, and the best part, it has a life time warranty (the better clear bra products). Hope this helps, Aloha


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