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don't understand why anyone would wear a clear bra, wouldn't cover anything up=]
I'm sure if you google "clear bra" you will find some interesting pictures. lol
I'm sorry for being crude, btw, but it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the title.
I checked, very few bras and none were clear. Plenty of car pics though.

well, I was going to put up a picture of me in my clear bra, but then I decided it wouldn't be appropriate.
It would be very much appreciated if someone can give a first hand account
Well if she'll bring her clear bra over here I don't mind. :eek:

In all seriousness I'm glad this thread came up, this is something I've though about as few times as well. Need to get my car cleaned up good and a little touch-up done on the bumper, but I'll keep an eye open for a place that does it with the 3M near here.
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