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Climate control conversion

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I got a 2011 Kia Forte Sedan. I want to "upgrade" my climate control system. Does anyone know if there is a kit or a guide on how to swap them. The harness for the blower is different, and i can't find adapters or kits for it. Has anyone attempted it?
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Will not work. Ask me how I know. I have a post on this.

Post also includes the oem/factory NAV/GPS touch screen stereo.

The vehicle demands that the correct wires, wire harnesses & plugs match/operate & function 100%.

If one wire or pin doesn't it will not work/function & operate. Can also risk fires if done half assed.

Did can be done. Just have to remove the ENTIRE dashboard to know what is what & where to hook everything up.

The other is getting your local Kia/Hyundai dealership to do the work.


Buy a 1st gen Kia Forte Koup or Sedan that already has the upgrade trim levels & parts.

There are some 2010's that do have GPS/NAV & auto HVAC climate control assembly & auto compass rear view mirror installed from factory. Rare those are.

2011, 2012 & 2013 are the ones that will have those installed from factory.

Koups will have paddle shifters, pust start Ignition l, full leather seats, NAV/GPS stereo, Auto HVAC climate control assembly, auto/compass + garage control rear view mirror, alarm/immobilizer, chipped/transponder key fob/remote & front passenger & driver seat heating.

My 2010 Koup SX 2.4L 6MT is the basic trim. Has no auto rear view mirror, auto HVAC control assembly, no leather seats, no GPS/NAV touch screen stereo, no front seats heating, no chipped, transponder keys/remote fobs, no immobilizer or push start.

I've diy/installed:
▪︎Auto rear view mirror.
▪︎Aftermarket touch screen kenwood stereo.
▪︎Aftermarket USB ports (front & at passenger).
▪︎Aftermarket back up camera.
▪︎Headliner repair & color change.
▪︎A,B & C pillar color change, beige to black.
▪︎Aftermarket kenwood Amp.
▪︎Aftermarket Rockford Fosgate speakers.
▪︎Antenna repair/install fix.
▪︎Leak finding & stopping.
▪︎Matching painting.
▪︎Manifold repair/info.
▪︎VCMA repair/DIY info.
▪︎Front & rear brake repairs.
Settled the "rear brake do use drums/shoes" to sleep with proof of pics. Also why it's called an E brake.
▪︎Steering wheel angle sensor "clockspring" diy/fix & why controls don't work & codes
▪︎Front seat seat repaurs/diy info, codes, MILs & DTCs & why & fixes.
▪︎seatbelt/pre tensioner diy/repairs, Code/MILS & DTCs repiars/fixes.
▪︎OEM/Factory head lights & brake lights info fixes
▪︎Aftermarket Smith clubs repair/fixes.
▪︎OEM/Factory sun & moon roof repair/diy & fix.
▪︎Oem/factory doors switches/controls wires/harnesses
▪︎OEM/factory switches, controls, sensors, modules.
▪︎OEM/Factory fluids, fills, changing locations
Fuel injectors, fuel rail, Ignition coils info/help

Nearly have taken my 2010 Koup apart.

Hope one of my posts for the 1st gen will help & helps others.

If you have a problem, diy, repair, install/remove l, fix, upgrade post before, middle & after pics with part #, where purchased from.

Posting help out the community. Who knows one of your posts can help a newbie if the search bar doesn't bring up the info.
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Oh, latest is removing my key Ignition switch to install a JDi push start.
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