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Went to the dealer a second time and this time the mechanic said 'oh that clunk is normal all Kias do that after they are broken in'...

I said 'well it's driving me nuts'...can we try to fix this...and he said 'there is nothing we can do' Kia corporate if you want but they will tell you the same thing.

I said what about the dust boot, I read that that there is a fix for it when it moves up and down...he reluctantly put my car on the lift and showed me the dust boots and said they all move up and down. He then showed me three other cars and he was correct..they all do move up and down. So I told him that I read that some people were putting a bead of silicone near the top of the dust boot to hold it in place.

Then he said 'wait there is a foam strip that we can put there'...he then put a foam strip inside where the boot hits the top hat. We took it for a ride and the clunk was gone.

Once again...ordered has been restored in the Koup world.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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