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Code P0304

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I’m back. So now my Kia Forte Ex has started kicking code P0304 which is a problem with cylinder 4. Considering the findings of my prior “Gas Cap” discussion & what my mechanic found to be the problem a broken ground wire in the middle of wiring harness for cylinder 1. Is it possible to replace the whole fuel injector harness & if so where can I purchase one? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
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Doesn't look gnawed, it looks cut to me. It looks like a straight cut on the insulation. Trace the wires back from No.4 into the harness until you see a break in one of the wires. I'm betting the first one was someone trimming insulation trying to locate a break in the wires, and took a little too much with a razor knife.
I think we all need to band together and form Kia Owners Rally Enraged Americans and fight the tyranny of this New Order and Green New Deal toting government.
You do realize that Kia is all for this green deal. They not only make electric vehicles but will also be making hydrogen vehicle.

I take it you'll be the first in line to buy a green auto too lol.
No... I'm just pointing out it has not as much to do with US politics as some people think. Read about it, it does state that hydrogen may not even be available in the US.
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