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Code P0304

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I’m back. So now my Kia Forte Ex has started kicking code P0304 which is a problem with cylinder 4. Considering the findings of my prior “Gas Cap” discussion & what my mechanic found to be the problem a broken ground wire in the middle of wiring harness for cylinder 1. Is it possible to replace the whole fuel injector harness & if so where can I purchase one? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
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Those only sold as whole harness.

Locals salvage/junkyard & get the harness there for cheaper.

If one is out, might as well buy the entire harness. Cut at the farthest you can cut. You'll have backup fuel injectors wire harness & its plugs.
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Were they gnawed chewed up? Cut the messed up pieces & solder new color gauge matched wires or visit your local junk/salvage yard for that wire harness.
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