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Code P0304

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I’m back. So now my Kia Forte Ex has started kicking code P0304 which is a problem with cylinder 4. Considering the findings of my prior “Gas Cap” discussion & what my mechanic found to be the problem a broken ground wire in the middle of wiring harness for cylinder 1. Is it possible to replace the whole fuel injector harness & if so where can I purchase one? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
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Have your mechanic go back into that sleeve and check those white wires. They both look like there's insulation coming off of them to me.
Sorry to hear that your hubby passed. It's got to be tough for a single woman in todays world of so many shady and underhanded people. If you can't find a harness, let us know and maybe some of us that can access a pull a part or pic and pull etc. yard can help you out. If you live near Anniston, AL, I would be happy to look at your car and see if I can help. I'll bring the wife along as she's always open to meeting new people and you'd know I'm not up to no good. In the interim, if you get that cover off there and can access the bare wires, wrapping them with electrical tape MIGHT help. You just have to make sure you get it wrapped tightly and cover the entire bare spot along with an extra 1/2 to 1 inch of wire on either side.
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Wow! You're in a beautiful part of the country. I had an uncle that lived there years ago. After he retired from the railroad company he worked for in CA, his wife wanted to be closer to a daughter that lived in MT. They built a large 4,000+ sq. ft. house near her daughter and Aunt Miriam passed of a sudden heart attack two years later. They lived in Boaz across the road from Huey Lewis. Uncle Ed said Huey was a heck of a nice guy. Uncle Ed had two acres. Huey has nearly 30,000.
That's yet another reason we left Florida. Too many wealthy, snotty people who think they're entitled to everything. I was born and raised in TN, but can't afford anything there anymore due to the Northern influence. I love it here in Alabama and most people I've met are very polite until they invite you to their church and you decline because you have your own. Then they act like they don't know you and I'm good with that. I mind my own business and want others to mind theirs. BUT, I'm always willing to help anyone I see in need. If I can help, I do. If I can't help, I'll try to find someone who can.
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