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hey guys, the attendee count for our 4th Texas Meet has gotten pretty big in the last couple of weeks and we need to start getting organized. there will be 4 caravans coming from 4 different cities(houston, SA, austin, and DFW area). As the San Antonio and Austin attendee count gets more and more, we need to start planning the meeting place and time for the drive to the dealer.

For those that are wanting to caravan with us in either Austin or San Antonio, you will need to PM me with your cell phone number. if you plan on driving alone, then its not necessary. Organization is crucial and and a meeting place and time need to be decided for both Austin and San Antonio.

with that being said, i cant wait for the meet! its turning out to be a big one and should be a blast!

P.S. if you arent in either of the cities listed above but you want to meet up with one of the groups, pm me with your number as well and we will get you set up with a group to the dealer
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