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couple of new pics after a washing.....

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took a few pics after a wash... for your viewing enjoyment!!! lol


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So clean, looks great, not a fan of the chrome gas cap but it looks better than stock, black would pretty sick since it looks like your going for red/ black hahaha just besides that the car looks awesome! I saw in one thread you got the gt spoiler? Upload pics as soon as you get it! I wanna see it on a red koup, thanks
brushed aluminum!!! lol thats an oem gas cap. but thanks! next set of pics will be with the spoiler and body kit... if the spoiler ever shows up! 6 months and counting =/
Lookin good (K)illed!!! I think the gas cap looks good actually. All those colors go well together.

BTW-When you tinted your tails, what did you do to mask off the white reverse light? Regular masking tape? Also did you clear and what brand did you use? When I spray tinted another car I had and then cleared them, the cleared ended up looking filmy. Even after sanding and buffing out it looked filmy. Not sure if I used a crappy brand of clear or what.
Sharp looking red Koup!!!
I actually love that gas cap, and have really wanted to pick it up as well..
do you have your eibach springs on in these pictures?

and what are the wheel and tire specs?
thanks guys, the new cas cap is so much better then the cheap plastic one, and it took like 2 mins to put it.

@ecko....regular masking tape, a razor blade, and a steady hand. i dont remember what brand of clear coat, but the trick is to hit once, and let it dry over night, then wet sand it with 1500 sand paper, then rubbing compound, then polish. and if you have that polishing ball that goes on the end of a drill, use it cause thats how you really get it to shine...

@patyouknow..yes, i have the springs on. tucks the tires in nicely, and those are tenzo rims, 18x8 with a 45 offset with toyo T1R 225/40/18 rims. gives it an aggressive look with plenty of room to spare
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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