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DCT clutch replacement.

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Has anyone done a clutch or transmission r&i on a DCT forte/hyundai? Just looking for any heads up or advice. Thank you.
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Speaking of clutches and replacing them for a DCT... is there a fundamental difference between a DCT clutch pack vs one for a manual transmission?
There's two, and sometimes three, basic differences

1: A traditional manual clutch is about the size of a dinner plate. With a DCT, one of the clutches looks like a much small plate, and the other clutch is a wide band/ring
2: The pressure plates are of a slightly different construction compared to a traditional manual
3: Situational: There's two types of DCT clutch systems - Dry clutch and Wet clutch. The 7-speed DCT in the GT is a Dry clutch type; the 8-speed found in the i30/Veloster N and a few others is a Wet clutch - the entire clutch/pressure plate assembly lives inside an oil bath, for better heat management
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That was quite interesting, I'd wondered for a while how the 1.6T Tucson didn't blow through clutchpacks every 20,000mi
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