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I bought my Forte EX 2.0L 4spd/auto before the avalanche of October '09 TSBs, and I have been recently following these forums, so I've figured out it needs at least the following service actions:

- SA013: Auto cruise control logic update for uphill driving performance
- SA020: PCM upgrade shift and hesitation delay improvement
- SA023: Fuel cap replacement

I can feel the hesitation in shifting as well as the rather harsh uphill cruise, and I had the car in my possession way before these TSBs ever existed, so I know it's legit. However, the dealer said they could not do any of those service actions for my Forte. They did the Bluetooth display correction (SA014) but nothing else.

Seems like something so simple, but I basically got harassed for even daring to look at KIA Tech Info or research any of this stuff myself. Unless there's something obvious I'm missing, what do I need to say or do to be taken seriously?
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