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Dealer in the right?

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I of course got gipped by the dealer, paying 670$ for a 100$ alarm, and just an upgrade no less. I was talking to a guy ive done business with before and hes gonna give me a good deal on a new alarm. However he is telling me that the dealer, according to Manufacturers or something, are not allowed to install aftermarket alarms in the cars. So first he suggested taking the upgrade he'll neatly pull out and demanding my money back for the piece of crap and if they say no to rub this 'rule' in their face. Said he's 'seen' it done before.
I cant find jack Googling about, but if its true, i wont leave until i get my money!
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I know of no law that would allow you to remove a part and take it back to the dealer for a refund on a dealer installed item. That would normally be covered under the don't buy the car if it has things you are not willing to pay for.

Having said that, I am in Texas and I don't know what the laws in your state may allow or not allow.
no, not a law that says i can return anything, a law or rule or company statute set at least by the manufacturing companies that says that their dealers cant install aftermaket stuff. and if we the consumer found out about it, the dealer would honor a refund over being served the wrath of the manufacturer.
Not that I know of, when you purchase a car, I'm fairly sure you are purchasing the car "as-is". Many dealers install aftermarket spoilers/rims/tint on some of their cars to help sell them better. I don't think you could ever get anything back from them over it..
My roommate used to work for a car dealer before he joined the military. He has told me of many instances where a dealer would install $500 aftermarket rims or a $50 tint job and jack the prices up thousands of dollars saying it has the "premium package"

Dealers are notorious for that.
Should be added to the list of things you learn in school:
Wear a rubber
Screw car dealers, pay as little as possible for the car, get everything else after.
around me, the dealers take there cars to someone to install any aftermarket items. they'll tell you who they take there cars to for those items. good luck.
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