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Hello! I have a 2020 Kia Forte EX and it is approaching 35,000 miles. This is the first brand new car I have ever owned that I paid cash for, so it's a milestone for me. I have had it for about 2 years now and I take very good care of it. I do oil changes every 4,000 miles using Redline 5W20. I only get gas at Mobil. And because it has a CVT I only shift out of Drive and Reverse at a complete stop (not rolling, not even 2 mph). I also live in Southeast Florida where it is very humid, so I change the engine air filter with every oil change, and cabin air filter every 8,000 miles.

I get my oil changes at the dealership just to stay in warranty. I purchased the car when it had 1,800 miles on it from a private seller, so I am the second owner, which means my warranty is only 60,000 miles.

Having said all that, the dealership is recommending their 30k miles "service package".

So I had the AC evaporator service done earlier this year, because there was water leaking from the AC under the glove box on the passenger side. It had something to do with a clogged cabin air filter apparently.

I've read their fuel system treatment is basically pouring an injector cleaner or something along those lines, down the gas tank. I can probably buy the product and do that myself? Also, if you use a premium gas like Mobil, do you really need to do this? I use Redline oil which is great at reducing carbon deposits by the exhaust valves.

What is a fuel induction service?

Fuel Induction Services involve inspection of fuel injectors and fuel induction components for carbon build up and cleaning with fuel Induction cleaner and lubrication.

Again, do I really need this?

And most important, the tranny flush. The dealership recommends this at 30,000 miles, HOWEVER, the severe maintenance chart recommends this at 60,000 miles. It's safe to say, I don't need to do this.

I drive 15,000 to 20,000 miles on average per year. So I follow the severe maintenance protocol.

There are no issues with the car as far as I know. It makes a few "click" noises when I shut the engine off but according to another post in this group that is normal.

Since I live in a hot, all-year round climate, should I upgrade my coolant fluid? I was going to google something like "best coolant for asian/KIA cars" and have the dealership do a coolant flush. Is it too soon at 33,000 miles?

Also, my tires have become very worn. I rotate my own tires and I am probably on my last rotation. I have never been able to afford premium tires on a car until now and this is what I am planning on buying at What do you think? I spent lots of time on this website and I feel these are best for Southeast Florida. Sedan&autoModClar=EX
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Thank you for your input everybody. This forum has been a blessing for maintaining my Forte.
All great questions! Firstly, with the fuel system service I wouldn’t recommend. You have Port Injection engine not GDI, so carbon build up on the intake valves shouldn’t be a concern. You can use a bottle of Techron like how someone stated above, I can’t imagine you are hurting anything by using it every so often, maybe once a year? Other than that I wouldn’t worry about your fuel system, put good gas in it, and it should do the rest!

Regarding the transmission flush, I would never recommend it. I would just do fluid and filter changes every 30k-60k miles, but earlier the better. I’m not familiar if you can service the transmission filter in the IVT. Every manufacturer is different so others that have done the fluid change please hop in!

I don’t think it’s necessarily “too early” to do a coolant flush, but if you feel the need it doesn’t hurt anything. There isn’t really a “better” coolant, but there are different types. I wouldn’t get caught up in which brand is better, if you want the “best” or safest I would go with KIA OEM Coolant. The more important part is using the correct coolant Chemical composition. Read your owners manual and make sure they are using the correct type. Color doesn’t necessarily mean the same type either, it is rather confusing lol! What you can do, again read your owners manual to make sure, is you can change the antifreeze to water concentration. Since you live in a hot climate you can do a mix of 60% water to 40% antifreeze, but do not go any lower than 40% of antifreeze. I don’t think you need to do that, but that option is on the table.

Tires are personal preference, read reviews and /or videos and see what others say, as long as they are not the cheapest and a good name brand I don’t think you can go wrong. Hope this helps!
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