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I have your car in gt-line.

I did my ac coolant at 20k
I also did my brake lines at 20k
If I could go back in time I would have done my transmission fluid at 30k you are at now. I did my first trans flush at 50k. ( I am at 60k as of 3ish days ago). I'm doing my next one at 80k.
I have been using redline fuel additive since 16k miles. I was doing a half bottle every 1500 miles per fill up but since 55k I swapped to adding a quarter of a bottle to 10 gallons of gas.

When did you notice carbon build up on your muffler? I believer mine started around 40kish miles.

When my tires needed replacement at 49k miles ( i rotated with every oil change) I went with michelin cross climate 2's. Reduced my fuel economy by like 4mpg on average but they make our car handle like it has AWD and I have personally tested that. I'm talking 80mph driving in monsoon level heavy rain I can't see 5 feet out my windshield, this is totally irresponsible level driving and the car drove like it was a sunny day out. The amount of water these tires will move is staggering. I'm talking, I have not even gotten to a point in 10k miles on them where the car even slightly slows down when I plow through a lake level pond on the highway. I did a 270 mile road trip a month ago and both ways on them I got 42-43mpg. On the stock tires I would get 46mpg.

[edit] Personally I feel Pirelli's are better suited for track cars. If your looking for comfort you should go with a high end Conti or Michelin.
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