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Okay so maybe I overlooked it but do we, as ForteForums members have a decal like other sites???? If so, sorry for even bringing it up and maybe point me to that thread.

If not, lets come up with one. Once I get some mods going I would like to sport something...Nothing big since I'm not a huge decal person but something (2"x6") would be nice for a side window or whatever.....

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Maybe make sum sorta fancy K? Or sumthin w forte for everyone koups, sedans, and fives
I'm in. Why don't we post up some ideas ??
ForteForums has a sticker which is provided to lifetime members (Admin correct me if I am wrong). They may become available to the general public at some point in the future.

Anyone interested in marketing and/or selling decals on the forum needs to contact sales about becoming a vendor.
just go to a decal website and order one. no sense in spending 45 bucks to get a decal. i got my stormtrooper one for like $16 at and it came with 2. they have different styles of font and its real cheap pricing. and i think the size i got was 2x11.
Aidensgrand...Your probably right but I think a universal decal for all of us to have to represent the forum is a great idea. Maybe would even be a nice gift for those who buy the paid subscription to get one for free....
ok so the people who paid $15 dollars dont get one and neither the people that are free members but only the lifetime members do? IMO, thats a load of crap. if we want to do this the right way we need to have a thread with several options of decals for the site, then we vote on them, and then we have it available for ANYBODY to buy. not only the people that are lifetime members or both lifetime and premium but instead everyone is able to buy one. has a decal that anybody can buy. im not 100% sure how much it is but the point is that anybody can get it. yes if the admins want to make a perk that allows the people that paid for the lifetime membership to get one with their lifetime membership purchase then thats fine but make the decal available to the whole community
Did I say it wouldn't be available to the whole community? I could have swore I said "Universal decal available to all of us"...I was just saying that throwing in a free decal to buy a membership isn't necessarily a bad thing either...Throwing in anything free has been known to make certain people move allot faster sometime.
the GTAFK has our own sticker as well. if you look in my gallery you can see it.
the GTAFK has our own sticker as well. if you look in my gallery you can see it.
Yea that's exactly what I am looking for..something small and not very intrusive....You hit a homerun with that one.
I think AIDENSGRAND hit the nail on the head. It would be interesting to see what everyone comes up with. Perhaps we can set a deadline for entries and then like previously mentioned take a poll and make it available to everyone.
Correct me if i am wrong, but wasn't there a thread a long time ago about KNATION or kia nation or something. i remember some guys photoshopped like 3 or 4 different logos and we voted on it. but it was a windshield banner, not just a logo
As I mentioned before, the forum has a decal. The issue is not a lack of artwork but a lack of access. I am sure that the administrator will take note of the interest. However, as you may have noticed the forum does not have a "storefront" so before the forum could start to sell merchandise the forum would need to have changes made to it. This can't happen over night. I am sure, however, that the Admin will consider it.

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That doesn't look too bad....maybe a little more dimension is needed but overall, it's a good jumping off point!!
As I mentioned before, the forum has a decal. The issue is not a lack of artwork but a lack of access.
and thats why i still say we need to make the poll, agree on a style and go make one ourselves if we choose to. i still agree that a perk for lifetime members is to get one for free when you purchase your membership.

and ecko, i wasnt trying to attack your posting. i totally agree with you and i was more venting on the topic as a whole :) i was actually thinking about this the other day so its nice that you brought it to everyones attention. :D a universal decal for the forte community is a grand idea. we just need to make sure its done the right way
Aidensgrand...Totally agree with everything you said...and never felt you were attacking me..I just thought maybe I said something that could have been taken the wrong way...A poll and vote to agree on the style is best...That's the most logical way!!!

BTW...Good luck on the car of the year poll...I believe I voted for your pics a few days ago! :) . Some of those other cars from Malaysia were nice...But I think the poll should have been for US here....We don't have the options for parts and mods that some of those guys have....
There is a company called Fast Signs Fast Signs they are in Canada, USA and Mexico and they could make one at the location for anyone who wants one. Everyone could just go there and pay them. No need to sell anything on the site. Just share the artwork by email.
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