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Depressing the Clutch ...

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I've had the car for 3 month now and i have one question. Having driven many stick shifts in my life, i can't help but to notice that there's a lot of travel for the clutch pedal. I feel like i start off with a fully bent knee, and have to stretch my leg out to fully depress it.

Yesterday while i was visiting another country, i drove a KIA PICANTO, which is anything but a sports car, its clutch had literally a fourth of the travel of my koup.

Anyway we can shorten that? and is that normal? and doesn't it cause more wear on the clutch?

I have a 6 speed SX

One more thing, most of the travel is from where the floor is till the clutch engages, barely any travel after it engages (which i know is normal, but i wanted to point it out)

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