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Did I make a mistake by getting the EX koup?

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Hey guys, I have an 03 ford focus which was giving me problems, so I started checking out the koups just yesterday and found a good deal on the internet for an EX in PA (I live in CT) I took that deal to my local dealer and they matched it, I got the 2010 EX koup auto with leather and Sunroof, autodim with compass, etc. for $17k (dealers fee, tax, etc = $1.5k extra).

I was looking at the SXs and Im kinda thinking if I did a mistake for not getting it, sport suspension, fog lights and dash seem a good deal for only 1k extra but what should I do?

MPG on the SX seems to avg 24 vs EX seems to avg 28+
Are the dash perks in the SX trully worth it?
How about the sport suspension?
I don't really care about the 17" wheels (they look pretty ugly imo) and think the 16's look way better.

The dash and sport suspension really intrigues me, any comparison for both models?
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The upgraded dash trim is a big reason I got the SX. But for the daily slog back and forth to work, I sometimes find myself wishing for the EX's more compliant suspension. From the sounds of your equipment list, you nearly got an SX, minus the suspension, engine, and dash trim. I don't even have leather, but I didn't want it.

If you've already bought the car, it's a little late to start wishing for something different. And if the dash bothers you, you can always search the wrecking yards and score the dash pieces to replace yours.
I have an ex but only thing I wish I had that I don't is a sun roof. By no means do I regret buying it. Only reason you would is if you wanted a sx and settled. I actually avg about 32mpg and put about $20 in my tank every week. I'm jealous you have a sunroof tho ^_^ they didn't offer that in the ex's until a month after I bought mine hehe
i payed 19 for my SX 6-speed and i love the car, i love the suspension, dash, the red stitched interior, the better seats, the heavier steering feel...and i average 32.3mpg on the highway going from seattle to pasco in WA(236 miles over a mountian pass)... but there is nothing wrong with the EX i just wanted more power, 6speed..... ALSO the 2.0L Beta II motor can make some insane power
It all has to do with your plans for the car. If you just like them and use it for commute then you made a great purchase.

If you want to mod you car a bit but don't care for top speed then you made a great purchase. (you have extra money in your pocket to spend on modes and not pay for the upgraded engine)

Its a great car no matter what and you should be happy with you choice as we all are that you are part of our family now.
My best advice is go back to your dealer and try both EX and SX.
For 1000$ more....... I would get the SX for sure! but that's me!!!
Here (Québec), the deal is not close until you pickup your ride....
I got the EX because they didn't have any Titanium SX's. It'd be nice to have that little bit of extra power, the dash and the fogs but overall I'm pretty happy with mine. I'll eventually put fogs in when I'm not too lazy and a couple of bolt ons will easily give you that extra 17 hp. And good idea CorsaKoup for searching the junk yards, I might do that.

On the plus side, when winter comes around again I'm putting my 16" EX wheels back on which I like SO much better than the SX wheels. To each their own. I also like my two tone cream and black color interior which I don't think you can get on an SX.
I have my EX and dont regret it at all. Sunroof never really interested me, and couldnt justify paying a couple k more for it. I know the SX has more power but the EX is perfect for daily commuting, etc.

Out of curiosity, what does the SX dash have that the EX doesnt? As far as I could tell it was just the illuminating lights around the speakers?
I also like my two tone cream and black color interior which I don't think you can get on an SX.
I didn't know that any forte's had that option. Do you have pics of your interior? I wanna see how it looks. I've always liked the White and Black contrast inside cars.
Drive you new EX and enjoy it. It's a fine car. You can always add some enhancements later on.
yea nothing wrong with teh EX.... NOW for the SX dash around the Speedo you get a red glow... looks cooler then hell...also i really like hte tan and black interior...wish the SX came like that.... on the power differance i jusat really like the torque and the dual CVVT... also the suspension is alot stiffer
I would have paid the extra to get the sx for the horse power alone. But I like to drive FAST.
I went with the SX just for the additional power and the dash. From what I hear the EX is a really good car just with less hp. If hp is no big deal just stick with the EX and mod it. I average about 320 miles per tank and it says I can still drive like 40 miles so if you could do better gas mileage then go for it.
I didn't know that any forte's had that option. Do you have pics of your interior? I wanna see how it looks. I've always liked the White and Black contrast inside cars.
I'll take some when it's light out again tommorow.
I drive an Koup EX right now but I'd love to have some extra HP and the sport suspension.


I believe it's an upgrade from my Forte EX before. I really though it was going to be the same car but there's a noticeable diff. in shifting and the suspension. I'm still trying to figure out the gas consumption compared to my Forte before since I believe I've been filling up more often now.
Ninjacola here's a few pics of the stone/black interior I have.

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That looks pretty awesome, I didn't get that color because I have a kid and forget about it, I chose the black one. How much did it cost you before and after tax? does it have sunroof?
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