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Did your Forte come w/ tinted windows?

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Mine did.

Are you jealous?:p
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Mine was free. It also came with the auto-dimming mirror, cargo net and the stupid "Forte" decal sticker on the bumper at no added cost. They hadn't sold a car in over a week when I bough mine and were desperate to get one off the lot.

My salesguy was fired a couple of weeks after he sold me my car (I didn't ask, but I'm sure it was for lack of sales). I called his cell phone to let him know I enjoyed my car and he said he had just been fired. =(
Ouch, the salesman that sold me my first forte also got fired not too long after I got my car ( I assume, I don't think too many people were taking him seriously since he was only 20 or so ). :( Nice guy but that dealership is really shady anyways.
All dealerships are scum. I liked my salesguy as well, he looked like he was in his late 20s. I even called the sales manager after I heard he got fired and told him I had a great experience with the salesman and he didn't cause me any problems. The little weasal snapped back "Look, it had nothing to do with his customer interaction" and acted all perturbed that I had called to vouch for the guy.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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