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Different type of STOCK MOD?

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So I have an idea for a new mod.

The Stock air box has an intake hose from the Throttle body to the air box.
Inside the airbox is the square filter and the ECU. The 2nd intake hose is connected on the lower part of the airbox and routes to the front of the vehicle.
The air being pulled in is supposed to help cool the ECU but that ECU is also giving heat and that is being pulled into the intake. So you have Heat and Turbulent air being pulled in. A Cold Air intake is supposed to help over come these issues. Now for my idea.

What if you remove the lower tube that attaches to the front. now attach a heat proof wrapped tubing to that connection and route it the same route as a Cold Air Intake? Under the Battery area into the area behind the Fog Lamps. At the end of the connection use a Velocity Stack. And also replace the stock filter with a more efficient Filter such as a K&N? And lastly, Line the interior of the Air box with speaker box sound proofer to help dissipate the heat?

PHOTO EXAMPLE (kinda sucks but it get the point across)

Does anyone agree that this would do the same as a CAI?

I believe the stock setup is actually quite good, but the intake pulling air from a cooler spot would help alot and help cool the ECU as well with no interruption.
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also the best type of V-Stack is a WIDE Domed like this:

With this type of stack the air flow coming from the sides or underneath the lip are pulled straight over the lip instead of swirling then entering in.

Youtube example:

Notice the design of the lip.
Estimated power gain with a V-Stack is 2% to 4%. Could be better or worse. Im not a scientist or engineer but from what I have read 2% to 4% power gain is the norm.
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idk it seems like it would do better just running the upper portion stock and cai from the TB to the wheel well or wherever, without the stock airbox connected to the tb at all, so the air induction point in the front is just cooling the ecu
Yea but how does the box draw air in to cool the ECU if there is no suction?

I couldn't just sweep debris in front of a disconnected vacuum line with the vacuum running and expect it to suck up dirt.

Same principal. No air is being drawn in to the airbox. There is no vacuum created what so ever. The ECU will not be cooled efficiently. There is a reason for it being where it is. I would like the people from Turbo Kits to comment on how they overcame heating issues with the ECU and their CAI.

I would like the best of both worlds, a CAI, and a cool ECU that is not in danger of over heating. Sure it fine for people that drive even 2 hours straight a day. But I drive all day and only turn my car off when I get home. I leave it running/idling all day. I have to. It's my work car for now. The type of work I do, doesn't give my car a break. So far I have been putting 200+miles per day. 6 days a week. Is a CAI going to offer me the performance I want and not put my old intake components at risk?
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lining the box might help dissipate the heat, but it won't eliminate the problem of sucking in warm/hot air from the ecu. why not suck in fresh, cool air into the engine with a cai (homemade or tk) and use a flexible hose to draw fresh air into the stock airbox to cool the ecu via the factory air duct? see pic below:

photo/vehicle credits go to shattered.stars
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How does it draw in air if there is no suction?
The world will never now.
With any non-connected to intake setup you would have to create a suction or air flow over the ECU if you are idling your car most of the day. I would say hook-up a highflow computer fan in the airbox directing air towards the ECU and go CAI for the engine. Otherwise just leave it factory since you will have minimal gain if any at all grabbing air from the wheel well. The air box itself was the primary loss component due to turbulence and extended pathway plus some loss from factory tubing not being smooth (less restrictive). It was already getting cold air from the factory front of hood setup. Some cars have that ECU inside the passenger compartment without active cooling (fan) so they don't get terribly hot on their own. Your situation though is very different from casual drivers that drive to and from work everyday. I think a fan would fix your situation. I custom build liquid cooled computers as a hobby and have dealt with passive and active cooling and can see the fan setup as the easiest solution if you still want CAI performance gain and sound output.
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Maybe in the future, performance parts makers will come up with a way to pre-cool air as cold as an A/C and keep it cool during travel into the throttle body. Also, I wonder if Turbo makers can use the Dyson concept for creating suction. Dyson created a small motor that kind of looks like a sea shell and resembles spiral motion, creating a less turbulent and more powerful suction.
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