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You don't have to completly remove the grill (but it would be easier), but the front emblem is snapped in place. I was able to fit my hands down (long fingers), and "unsnap" the emblem from behind.
I did the same on the front badge. I used needle nose pliers to reach the clips and bend them inward and the front badge popped right off and can still be reused later if I choose to.

I feel like a tard saying this...but I couldn't figure out how to remove the grille. :confused: I didn't take the time to check for instructions as I saw an easier oppurtunity using the needle nose pliers.

The back badge and Forte emblems (SX, Koup...etc.) are held on by 3M tape. I used a hair dryer, fishing line and 3M adhesive remover to get rid of the little bit of sticky residue left behind. Cleaned the area behind the trunk badge with alcohol to insure the new badge would stick properly and polished and waxed where the other badges were and no new ones were to applied. Can't tell any badges where ever there.
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