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do SX parts fit EX?

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My girlfriends father owns a bodyshop and get access to auctions of wrecked cars..... i found a forte koup SX smashed up and i was thinking about bidding on it for the rims, seats(black leather with red stiching), foglights, and possibly the dash cause it has the red ring around the speedo, also the gloss black fog light assembly and other stuff... i was wondering if these parts would fit the ex

ps.... it only has 1174 miles.... i wish i could do an engine swap but im 100% sure that would void the warranty lol but hey maybe i can keep it for a rainy day or after mine reaches 100k miles haha
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haha well too bad for the persons car but nice find! im gunna call some lots to see if they have any of the forte's/koups there yet :p
lol ya no kidding. how the heck did you hear about a car here? lol
wow, so you have to buy the whole car? that sucks. id rather go to a car yard and just pull the pieces off and pay for them
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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