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check some of my past threads that i've started.. you'll see my build logs

Complete deadening and soundproofing
Roof: 1 layer dynamat extreme, 1layer raammat ensolite
Floor: 1 layer raammat FO bxt, 1 layer raammat ensolite
Trunk and trunk lid: 1 layer raammat bxt
Doors: 1 layer raammat bxt, 1 layer dynamat extreme , 1 layer raammat ensolite, 1 pound each door duct seal clay rings around speakers
Back shelf: 1 layer dynamat extreme in spots, 6+ pounds duct seal clay

LOC: Caché Audio COE6
cables :RCA monste cable and JL audio
1x kinetik HC600 battery in trunk stock battery in front (soon to be yellow top)
1 x JLAUDIO 150A fuse at battery
1 x JLAUDIO 2 gauge power run from battery fuse to rear 4way distro
1 x Generic 0 AWG ground wire from front battery negative to rear battery
3 x50A fuses in rear at rear distro for amps, 1x 150A fuse for battery h600
Rear Battery negative grounded to chassis at same stud as 0AWG from front
Front battery double grounded to chassis, engine block dibble grounded to chassis
Alt to be fitted with better positive to battery in future

2 x JL Audio 500/1. 500wrms @1.5-4ohms. Class D
1 x JL Audio 300/4v2 75wrms x 4 @1.5-4ohms. Class AB

2 x JL Audio C-5 650's components front
2 x JL Audio C-5 650x's coax's in rear
2 x JL Audio 10w6v2's in trunk


Possibly adding another set of JL Audio C-5 650's as kicks
Possibly adding kenwood excelon or alpine doubledin with nav.

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I dunno, I did it over a period of time, added, changed, added etc. Prolly about 3 G's in gear, and maybe 100 man hours. I paid a company to install all the audio, and I did all the deadening.
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