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2021 Forte GT w/GT2, Currant Red, SXTH Element Intercooler Kit, Evilla Exhaust, Takeda S2 Intake
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2nd gear is extraordinarily long and it's quite aggravating!
BUUUUT I'm almost 100% sure that the 2011 6 speed auto is a direct fit! So, over the next year I am going to kill my transmission to give me an excuse to get the new one. :p
...and you'd be 50% right...LoL! While the tranny will fit right in, you won't find a dealer that will install a 6 spd into a car that came with a 5 spd or 4 spd -- would be considered modifying, not replacing. Not only would you need everything like mounts and linkage you'd need to replace the transmission control module and tune the ECM to work with it. Too much in modern cars are controlled by computers so "shoe horning" in working assemblies that didn't come on the car is a thing of the past.
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