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does any1 know?

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I am 19 and a 1st time Kia buyer. My previous vehicle was a Focus, so i consider my Kia Forte Koup a giant upgrade BUT, I am having a problem... A couple of days ago, I ventured to the Parts dpt. of my Kia dealership and asked if there was a Fog Light Kit available for the Forte Koup. The man behind the counter told me that there wasn't. Kia has not offered a Fog Light Kit for the Forte. "You have to purchase a Forte with Fog Lights to get them". If this is true, and I hope it is not, please confirm. If it is not, can somebody pls tell me where there is a Fog Light Kit for the car. I am looking for the same lights that are found on the Higher model. ALSO, I was wondering what the bulb size for the headlights are. Thanks a bunch!!
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Welcome ot this site..and good choice in automobiles...:)

You have to remember the Koup is BRAND new...just started selling in Sept of 2009 (in US). Kia has very few options/accessories over the counter for it. Times are tough too. Engineering and designing parts takes money -- parts need to sell and make a profit, but with an economy that has more than 10% unemployed makes a company wary of providing parts for fear of losing money.

The only way you would be able to install fog lights would be to buy all the parts needed from the SX and have them put on your EX.

Historically Kia has not provided fog light kits for previous year models either. Enough people do not purchase fog light kits to make them profitable to produce.

The design of the front end does not lend itself to aftermarket companys to make a kit either as it would have to be made only for the Koup. Only time will tell if this changes...
So, I have to buy the parts individually... ok. thank you! I will wait haha. but, as to my other question, what bulb size does the Kia have in its headlights. i am looking for a good Xenon Conversion kit and i need to know what the size is. I think they are the H11 but i am not able to find it anywhere on the internet. any suggestions as far as where to get a kit(or order one) and what bulb size?

Should be able to find your bulb types listed in your owners manual too.
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