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door panel..

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hello, new guy here. my name is earle from adams center,ny. my girlfriend recently bought a 2011 forte sx sedan. i tinted the windows for her but in the process i kinda messed up the little screw covers on the door panel on one door.. anyone on here know where i can find two of those covers??
id appreciate any help, thanks.

btw i have an account on and im on there all the time gettin help, so ill probably be on here alot now too lol
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Talk to you local part department...first resource to try.
Are you talking about the plastic clips? if so then paintmasters

if not, then dealership parts department will help you with it.
alright ill check the parts dept.. i wanted to find em w/o going threw the dealer cuz i dont want them to know the door panels have been off..
im talkin about the covers that you have to pry open to get to the screws in the door panel.
Why would your dealership car that you have had the door panels off? Unless they are going to be sticklers most don't care. I have had my car almost completely disassembled in the interior and nothing has ever been said. If they complain...and you have a another dealership close by change.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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